Congress Information

The 40th Congress is a joint international gathering prepared by the International Society for Dermatologic and Aesthetic Surgery (ISDS), together with the Philippine Academy of Dermatologic Surgery Foundation, Inc. (PADSFI), and in cooperation with the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS).

Our theme will be “Global Advances in Dermatologic Surgery: Trends, Innovations & Challenges”. It will be divided into 3 events, namely; the Pre Congress (Live Procedural Workshop) on 26 September to be held at the Centuria Medical Makati, the Congress Proper on 27-28 September at the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, and the Post-Congress Cadaver and Anatomy on 29 September at the CASSTI Medical City, Pasig City.

This Congress is for all local and international Physicians who are interested in the field of Dermatologic Surgery and Aesthetics. Its mission is to create a large informational venue to support Specialists in their professional development, which would then translate into improvements in the quality of their medical and surgical services to benefit Patients.

Furthermore, this Congress seeks to provide the best opportunity for Physicians to learn from International Experts in the Dermatologic Surgery discipline. Likewise, the latest trends, devices, non-surgical enhancement will be on full display. The Congress seeks to encourage the continuous desire for both young and more experienced Physicians to liaise with the international community in fostering friendships and continuing growth of information.